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What is needed for each investor?

  • To make his money was invested in a variety of risk-free projects with a minimum amount of commercial risks: imperfect parts - perfect as a whole!
  • To all the investments were under the complete control of the investor and he could within a reasonable time to extract them out of business!
  • To the investor was confident that the new business will have a stable set of independent risk factors: political, administrative and competition!

    But how to find so many projects, which all start up risky?

    The solution is

    The project is within the community projects, each of which compensates for the temporary costs of the other - the fund that distributes risks to the set of trading tools and directions, independent of the incompetence of staff, political squabbles, falling exchange rates, taxes and competition.

    World analogs What structure can collect a lot of high-risk areas in the risk-free combination? At present, the best solution, tested by time and experience the world economy - it is hedge funds.

    Stability The percentage of defaults of hedge funds over the past 10 years - 0.37% per year.

    Investors Dozens of European banks invest their money in hedge funds - are UBS, Credit Suisse, Credit Agricole, HSBC, Societe Generale, Anglo Irish Bank, etc.

    According to the research company Global Alternatives large private investors (which is about 7.1 million with a capital of more than $ 1 million and total assets of 26 trillion. $) Invested: in hedge funds - 82% in private equity funds - 8 % and 5% in real estate and commodity futures. A significant proportion of charitable investments, pension funds and non-profit account for hedge funds (this is especially characteristic for the U.S.).

    Assets and Income In 1990 the total assets managed by hedge funds accounted for only $ 30 billion.

    By 2007 they had increased to $ 1.8 trillion. The number of hedge funds in 2011 reached 12 000.

    Over the past 18 years the cost of investments in bonds and stocks increased by 4 times, then as an investment in a diversified portfolio of hedge funds has increased by 10 times.

    Taxes Funds that are registered in an offshore jurisdiction, pay a minimum tax.

    Competition and Liquidity To profit from trading in global markets - competition does not exist. The cost of trading is minimal barriers to entry are virtually absent, the number of participants and liquidity tremendously almost perfect. You do not need to open a shopping site, explore the markets, to spend money on advertising, to open offices in prestigious centers and other global markets will exist as long as there are separate state.

    Tools profit On the New York Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange for more than 70% of trade takes place with the participation of retail automation systems. Most of them - it's automatic system of hedge funds, as the company Sac Capital Advisor (assets of 14 billion $), RGM Advisors LLC, Man Investments LTD (1783, assets of $ 71.7 billion) is a fund of hedge funds (for example, one of its funds Global Fund sells 28 futures contracts), managed by Simons "Renaissance Technologies" is more than $ 25 billion (trade is conducted with the help of computer programs), and many others.

    That can offer our team? Ready for implementation, "Automatic system of hedging risks," which allows you to:

  • Informed and well-calculated distribution of the fund investments in a variety of tools (over 100 currency pairs, metals, and contracts for difference);
  • compensate for the problem at the expense of profitable elements (hedge of a tool by others);
  • gradual introduction of fund investments in trade (according to the strategy of "temporary" risk-sharing);
  • consolidation of profits during the trading period (the set of accounts that are running on different starting points in time);
  • profit from both the major and minor volatile instruments;
  • independence of trading results on the direction of tool (long / short strategies).

    What is the investor? The expected profitability of the project - 11-14% per month (rate of return an investor - 70-80% of net profit). Terms investvlozheny return - 3 years. Project-developed scheme of protection against risks: falling base rates, administrative, commercial, legal and political. Monitoring the safety of investments and investment strategy by following a few inspectors partners: the bank, custodian, administrator, prime broker, auditors and legal counsel.

    Starting the project To start the project requires the cost of office equipment and legal registration of hedge fund - 1-5% of the total investment (about $ 40-50 thousand). Minimum investment - $ 1 million, the maximum - Unlimited (the strategy is scalable to any amount investment).

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